Trophy Stags

Outstanding trophies are produced from Black Forest high performing genetics. Industry operators consistently report that Black Forest trophy stags set the quality benchmark in the South Island. We have a good range available most years from Silver Medal status through to over 500 SCI. Black forest Trophies are bred to produce long wide heavy heads and a trophy of significance & stature.

Trophy stags are selected from our velvet herd only. We are committed to the on-going development of superior genetics and management techniques that enable our customers to purchase with confidence.


Paul Bamber

Wanganui Safaris has been in the hunting business marketing ourselves worldwide for the past 17 years. We are now one of the largest Safari operators in the Southern Hemisphere, our focus is on quality.

During this time our hunting clients have taken many Safari Club International World Record Red Stags with Rifle, Bow and Black Powder.

To produce these trophies each year we have invested heavily in Trophy Stags to improve our genetic base.

In our time in the industry we have found that Black Forest Park has been the only breeder that consistently produces top Red Stag Trophies in large numbers year after year.

The Black Forest Stags are very high scoring, have exceptional length, mass and spread combined with long multiple tines.
With trophies up to 51 inches long it is the spectacular beam length of the Black Forest trophies that make them the industry leader.

Without question Black Forest Red Trophy Stag Genetics are the finest available in the WORLD today.