Black Forest Park was established in 1980 with 141ha at McDonald Rd Outram (just 5 minutes from Dunedin Airport) it was early days in the NZ Deer Industry with breeding hinds in particular expensive and in short supply. However the intention was always to breed high quality genetically superior deer. The opportunity came with the importation of Stags and hinds from renowned Festl Park in Munich in 1985. Sons of the famous stag King Richard were introduced and an intense fully recorded breeding program began.  Later European and English Park deer were introduced.

As the new technologies of AI and embryo transfer were available they were embraced – rapid progress was made and many Industry leading deer were produced for the Industry. Stags such as Kabul, Kurgan, and Bendigo are well known Sires instrumental in improving the performance of the Venison herd also over the years many of the Blackforest Sires have won National Velvet prizes and the herd is also known for being a prolific producer of leading trophy genetics Stags - such as Brusnik, Salvador, Columbia and Starr to name a few.

Black Forest has also operated a specialist velvet and trophy property at Clinton since 1996 which produces over 3 tonnes of quality velvet per year and up to 100 trophy stags for the Safari market.

In 2003 a large Deer selling and hospitality complex was built at Outram where annual deer sales are held.

Trevor Currie

Founder of Black Forest Park. Passionate about Red Deer and the potential of the NZ Deer Industry. Committed to achieving maximum genetic gain through careful selection and performance recording using latest scientific tools.

Richard Currie

Trevor’s son Richard and his wife Sarah have enthusiastically taken over the running of the Outram operation since 2012 and since moving to the Clinton farm in July 2015 oversee the entire Black Forest Farming operations.

Richard has a diploma in Farm Management Lincoln University. With experience in sheep, beef and Deer, Richard was previously manager of the Wairuna farm. Increases in productivity through maximizing animal performance through management practices and continued genetic gains are current priorities .



Outram is the main stud property featuring a modern specialized Deer selling complex. The design provides light open viewing of Deer pre-sale with comfortable auction facilities for purchasing some of the industry's finest deer, then relaxing to the traditional venison barbeque and refreshments after the sale.


280 Hectares 4000SU

This flat to rolling property with extensive plantings specializes in breeding Antlers — Trophy and velvet.

Features 450 purpose bred stud hinds, Sires and progeny of which the superior stags are sent to Outram for sale at 2yrs of age and the balance are velvetted and kept through to 7yrs of age for growing out to Trophies — approx 80–90 produced per annum.