Our Annual Sire Stag Sale is held on farm at Outram each January by auction from selling centre.

Catalogues will be posted by approx 20th December, if you would like a catalogue email or phone 027 276 0664 to arrange.

Semen — Master Sires

We have stocks of high quality semen from many of our Master Sires, and subject to availability can be purchased direct or via your stock company. for owners of high quality hinds this is an excellent way of upgrading or designing your own genetics.

Enquiries welcome please call to discuss anytime.

Trophy Sires

Sire Price $NZ per straw
Salvador 300
Ringo 300
Carmichael 250
Columbia 300
Starr 300
Laszlo 200
Aleksin 150
Karlov 75
Sabac 50
Windsor 30       Warnham/Woburn
Atlantis 200     Warnham
Inglewood 200      Warnham

Velvet Sires

Sire Price $NZ per straw
Neskey 200
Berwick 200
Logan 200
Randel 75
Samurai 100
Romeo 100
Samara 75
Columbia  300
Waipori  300

High EBV Venison Sires

High EBV Price $NZ per straw
Kurgan 100
Bendigo  NA
Super Nova 150
Romanian Omul 150
Romanain Dracul   150
Romanian Mihail  150
Romanian Alexei 150