Black Forest Sires are Industry performance leaders in Venison, Velvet and Trophy production. Our Sires are subject to independent evaluation by DEERSelect through the DBV programme. Velvet production and quality is independently assessed at the annual New Zealand Open Velvet competition.

Where Black Forest has won an unprecedented more than 20 prizes in recent years.

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Trophy Sires

Black Forest Park bloodlines are derived from over 25yrs of selection particular attention has been paid to antler spread, length, weight and symmetry, important bloodline have been King Richard of Festl Park in Munich & more latterly, our great stag Laszlo, We have also carefully introduced some English bloodlines from Furzeland, Woburn and Warnham Parks to increase multi pointedness. We now have a unique Black Forest strain of trophy that is very sought after in the Industry.

Current Sires

Historic Sires