Black Forest Sires are Industry performance leaders in Venison, Velvet and Trophy production. Our Sires are subject to independent evaluation by DEERSelect through the DBV programme. Velvet production and quality is independently assessed at the annual New Zealand Open Velvet competition.

Where Black Forest has won an unprecedented more than 20 prizes in recent years.

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Velvet Sires

Black Forest velvet genetics are well known for their clean tidy style and heavy weight. This provides a premium in the market and exceptional results in Industry velvet competitions.

Our genetic performance is well documented on-farm and can be further measured by the outstanding results achieved in competition.

Velvet quality and quantity is the primary objective of our breeding programme.

The Black Forest velvet breeding program has focused on a clean attractive style that brings a premium in the market, our velvet Sires are cutting approx 10kg SA2 or more at maturity.

Black Forest stags have reaffirmed their position as top velvet producers winning the 2015 Open Red section at the National Velvet competition.

On-going investment in improving the genetic base and efficiency of your herd is an integral component in long-term commercial deer farming profitability. Velvet production improvement takes at least three years after the introduction of a new stag so the sooner you can introduce superior genetics into your herd the sooner you profit

Velvet Competition Results

Proven consistent performance from Black Forest Park & ex Black Forest entries through independent assessment of weight, grade & quality further confirms Black Forest Parks position as the leading breeder of consistent quality velvet genetics.

We believe the independent evaluation & benchmarking provided by the NZ Velvet competition is of very significant value to Deer Farmers & the Industry & restate our commitment of support.

New Zealand Velvet Competitions - Black Forest Entries

1st 2nd 3rd
2015 Open Red - 10-017   2015 3yr Red - 12-267
2007 2yr Red - Inglewood 2005 3yr - Potter 2006 Open - Berwick
2005 Open Red - Berwick 2004 4yr - Kutana 2003 Open - Samara
2005 4yr Red - Pancho 2003 5yr - Sancho 2003 4yr - Randel
2005 3yr Red - Jackson 2003 5yr - Sintago 2003 3yr - Madrid
2004 Open Red - Sintana 2002 2yr - Aleksin  
2004 3yr Red - Pancho    
2003 Open Red - Berwick    
2003 2yr Trophy - Salvador    
2002 Open Red - Neskey    
2002 3yr Red  - Alliance    
2002 yr - Randel    
2002 My 3 sons - Neskey    

Black Forest has bred a huge 11 of the top 17 Sires in the Industry - Independent proof of their Industry leading position

Current Sires

Historic Sires