Black Forest Sires are Industry performance leaders in Venison, Velvet and Trophy production. Our Sires are subject to independent evaluation by DEERSelect through the DBV programme. Velvet production and quality is independently assessed at the annual New Zealand Open Velvet competition.

Where Black Forest has won an unprecedented more than 20 prizes in recent years.

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Venison Sires

Black Forest growth rate genetics are well proven, our proving ground on the Wairuna farm has been producing weaners up to finishing weight in June for over 10yrs now.

But with improving genetics in the Sires, & just as important the females in the herd we are now finding that instead of just the few top end animals finishing early, almost all the males catch the peak spring schedule, and more than half of the females. the Wairuna deer have been bred & improved using the Forestpack Sires which in turn are bred from the Master Sires below - Proven Genetics.

Superior genetics, good management and nutrition consistently produce Red Weaners in the premium range for the chilled venison market in September/October. This is achieved with condensed early calving commencing end October. The result is an additional 10-15kg to weaner weights.

  • Genetics - High Growth rate DBV Big Eastern Sires over well bred 120kg Hinds.
  • Good Nutrition and Management to achieve a 95% Early weaning.
  • Early calving and weaning with Eastern Sires out 1st Week March means calving should be from end October to end November.
  • This can add 10 - 15kg to Weaner weights and ensure most will finish in time for Spring Schedule Premiums - which is critical to maximise profitability.

Deer Select List December 2006

Place Birth Herd Current Tag  W12BV  W12 Accuracy
1 Black Forest Park KABUL  21.4 98% 
4 Black Forest Park KURGAN 19.7 92% 
7 Black Forest Park SUPER NOVA 18.2 89% 
8 Black Forest Park LEO 16.8 80% 
10 Black Forest Park VIRGO 15.7 82% 
11 Black Forest Park HERCULES 15.5 81% 
13 Black Forest Park ROMEO 15.4 98% 
14 Black Forest Park PICES 15.3 81% 
15 Black Forest Park SAMURAI 15.2 97% 
16 Black Forest Park ALPHA 15.1 90% 
17 Black Forest Park SHIRAZ 15.1 93% 

Black Forest has bred a huge 11 of the top 17 Sires in the Industry - Independent proof of their Industry leading position

Current Sires

Historic Sires